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The Day After: Nightwatch Radio Interview

For those Rooker fans unable listen to last night’s broadcast… here you go!

Michael Rooker on Nightwatch Radio

Michael Rooker will be on Nightwatch Radio Tuesday February 28 10:00 E / 9:00 C / 7:00 P with fellow guest Rob Delamorte of Delamorte’s Dungeon.

Hula-hound weekend?

Video: Michael Rooker showing off his hula-hoop skills.

Archer “Bloody Ferlin” Review – A Justified Approach

Archer drives along with its latest from season 3, or technically season 3.5 with “Bloody Ferlin,” as Archer accompanies Ray Gillette to his hometown of West Virginia to rescue his brother Randy (Jack McBrayer) from a corrupt sheriff (Michael Rooker).

Playboy: Rooker’s Playmate

The My Favorite Playmate section of the March issue of Playboy features a quote from Rooker

Actor Michael Rooker Spotted in Portland, Entire City Emasculated

Character actor Michael Rooker, best known throughout the world for his role in Days of Thunder (and among Portland’s geek population as “Merle Dixon” in the AMC television adaptation of The Walking Dead graphic novel), was spotted at Blitz Pearl Sports Pub this morning.

How to Keep a Brand Alive From the Creators and Cast of The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead emerged from the loss of Frank Darabont and rumored budget cuts to shatter cable rating records. But how it achieved that involved a stellar business model for staying true to company vision, while engaging staff and customers in the end product.