Ask Rooker #2

It’s time for another installment of “Ask Rooker”!

We originally intended for this to be a weekly thing but our guy is busy, man! So, instead of “Ask Rooker” being a weekly feature, there will be an announcement tweet from @RookerOnline (usually on Fridays) if Michael can take your questions for the week. That way you guys have to stay on your toes!

That being said, we know you guys have burning questions for Rooker so let’s get to ’em!


Q: What scene do you want to see Merle & Derle together in?

A: a scene where Merle is asking Derle how is it possible that he was able to stay with these people who did that to his brother…


Q: Would you ever consider doing a nude scene if the movie called for it?

A: I do what ever it takes to keep it real.


Q: What kind of Harley do you own??

A: I have a 1998 FLHT in black….


Q: Who do you channel for your southern accent?

A: I’m from Alabama, and it just comes back to me in times of need. and i start from there, to get it to what is right for the role…ex TX, North Ala. South Ala. Tenn. La, GA……there all dif. so i start from my base……


Q: Are Brian and Justin (NSFW) responsible for the you’ve been rookered bot?

A: Yes, I think they are responsible for the starting up of “you’ve been Rookered”


Q: In all the roles you have played, what has been your most challenging? What has been the most fun?

A: My role in my 1st film Henry, my role in “eight men out”

Thanks for submitting your questions to #askrooker!


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