Getting to know Michael Rooker

From Dorothy Sasso at TimesLeader:

Ask anyone at Philly’s Comic Con about Michael Rooker and they will rave about him.

Wizard World PR Manager Jerry Milani said Rooker is “ebullient” when meeting fans and gladly grants interviews and photo ops. “The Walking Dead” (Merle Dixon) and “Guardians of the Galaxy” (Yondu) star has acted since the mid ’80s, but these days, is most recognized for his role in “The Walking Dead.”

Funny, gracious and enthusiastic, Rooker was a blast to interview.

Weekender: I did not know that you were in “Mallrats.” That’s not even a question. I’m just blown away because it’s one of my favorite movies. I did not know that was you.

Michael Rooker: I have the same haircut.