Hi & Thank You

To Friends and Fans of Rooker,

As the new guy at MRO I wanted to take a moment and introduce myself. My name is Todd and I’m a Chicago-based artist and web designer/developer at Xiiro. I’ve been friends with Mike for … geez, almost 20 years (I’m really not that old, [cough] 46) and while I was in L.A. recently he asked if I wanted to take over the site from the original MRO designer, Linda of IJL Designs who, due to work-related obligations, was no longer able to continue.

A big “thank you” to Linda, Amy, Christina and John for their continuing contribution in making MRO a success. As sometimes happens when a new designer takes over, things tend to get turned upside-down with changes being made at every turn, but that’s not my intention. It’s inevitable the site will change eventually, but not today.

So, until next time … all you Girls, Guys and Undead stumblin’ around aimlessly.


Twitter: @ImXiiro

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