Merle crashes T-Dog’s Walking Dead viewing party

There were, perhaps, a few anxious moments Sunday night when the sun went down at actor IronE Singleton‘s beautiful lake side home in Paulding County when the guests at his “The Walking Dead” season three premiere viewing party noticed there are zero street lights in the area. And all the doors were open. Oh, and then Merle — remember the racist redneck who was last seen handcuffed to a downtown Atlanta roof  in season one? — yeah, well, he showed up.

So, it’s probably a good thing then that the zombie apocalypse was confined to the TV screens playing the hit AMC drama throughout the house and that Merle’s portrayer, actor Michael Rooker is, in actual life, a sweet man and a pal of Singleton’s. Rooker showed up to the party fresh from New York ComicCon where he was promoting Merle’s much-anticipated season three return (minus a hand and now enhanced with blades in place of digits). It was also comforting to the crowd (fearing that a stray walker could stumble into the gathering) that the man who plays T-Dog is so artful at driving a fireplace poker through the craniums of the undead…

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