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KDOT Interview: Michael Talks With Klint “Chronic” (Soundcloud)

@KroniklyLate421: I had the pleasure of talking to Michael Rooker today, this is the uncut interview talking about comic con, Guardians of the Galaxy, Tombstone and other experiences. Interview with Michael Rooker

Since his breakout performance in Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Michael Rooker has appeared in over a hundred projects including Cliffhanger, Days of Thunder, JFK, Tombstone, and Mallrats. Today we are pleased to have Mr.Rooker with us to speak about his portrayal of Merle in AMC’s wildly popular series The Walking Dead and the upcoming soon to be wildly popular Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy!

Interview with Michael Rooker by Nick Mastrangelo

A+ Interview by Nick with Michael Rooker at Stan Lee’s Comikaze.

Rock Cellar Magazine: Michael Rooker Speaks Up

Merle Dixon, played by Michael Rooker, was a fighter. And not unlike the countless brutes, villains, and psychopaths that Rooker has played throughout his prolific career, the character of Merle Dixon was the survivor of a horrible childhood, looking to reclaim some sense of power and purpose.

TV33: XCon Michael Rooker Interview


TV33 caught up with Michael Rooker at XCon World Myrtle beach this weekend

The Con Cast: Interview With Michael Rooker


Audio interview with Michael Rooker by some guy in a cowboy hat in San Marcos, TX.

Michael Rooker at Vancouver Fan Expo


VANCOUVER SUN — Zombies lined up Saturday hoping to pick Michael Rooker’s brain, as the star of the hit series The Walking Dead talked to fans and signed autographs in Vancouver on the weekend.

Michael, Ghost Man and Demon Hunter: An (un)Holy Trinity?


Rooker Online is pleased to announce that Michael will be appearing on The Ghost Man & Demon Hunter Show !

Highlight Hollywood’s Interview With Michael Rooker – Merle’s Portrayer Speaks Out!


Michael took a break during this past weekend’s Monster Mania convention to sit down and have a chat with Yamileth Palacious from Highlight Hollywood. Even though she suffered a near-violent laughing attack, something that is all too common in the presence of The Rook, Highlight Hollywood now has this memorable interview to share with us all.

Video: Michael Rooker at Wizard World Portland


Michael takes a moment at Wizard World Portland to talk about The Walking Dead, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, and much more!

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