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A Message for James Gunn

Don’t shoot the messenger, James.

Why “Guardians Of The Galaxy” Director James Gunn Keeps Working With A “Madman”

“I always act like a director, so it doesn’t seem to change that much, especially with Rooker, who is like this stray dog who’s always running off and about to get away and you have to be like, ‘Rooker, come back here, come back here, come back here.’ That’s sort of the nature of our relationship anyway.”

‘Guardians of the Galaxy’: Michael Rooker finds life after ‘Dead’

“I think Yondu is going to be a fan favorite in the film as well. We have a lot of cool characters in this film that my buddy Gunn directed. I’m very happy that I got to be a part of this.”

Why is Yondu so happy? Box office: ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ rockets to $94-million opening

Guardians of the Galaxy nails $94 million opening weekend at the box office!

Movieweb: Exclusive Interview with Michael Rooker

Movieweb recently had the chance to speak with Michael Rooker about the extensive commitment it took to just apply the makeup for this character, how filmmaker James Gunn’s style has been altered (if at all) to build this immense sequel, and much more.

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