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Michael Rooker Now Online!

Thanks, @jokeandbiagio! You guys rock!

Rooker Says Follow Andrew Mayne and

From: jokeandbiagio | November 05, 2009 Rooker knows what he likes. Houdini seances and weird things. Andrew Mayne does not disappoint.

Michael Rooker tidbit from Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer for @AdzFilmmaker

From: jokeandbiagio | November 05, 2009 A lot of Henry fans have hit Rooker up on Twitter. Adam Stephen Kelly is one of them. Adam, this piece of Henry trivia is for you!

Rooker says follow Rainn Wilson

From: jokeandbiagio | November 13, 2009 After a day at the shooting range preparing for James Gunn’s new movie “Super”, Rooker gives a Follow Friday to actor Rainn Wilson.

Rooker Says Follow Actress Amanda Dunn/Smith

From: jokeandbiagio | November 05, 2009 Rooker says check her out. Great actress who appears with him in several upcoming projects.

Michael Rooker & Rainn Wilson Go Shootin’!

From: jokeandbiagio | November 12, 2009 To help prepare for James Gunn’s new movie, SUPER, actor Michael Rooker teaches Rainn Wilson to fire a gun! A first for Rainn! Shot by Michael Rooker and Rainn Wilson, edited by Caleb Emerson. Full story at

Joke and Biagio: Michael Rooker now on Twitter

From: jokeandbiagio | November 02, 2009 Here’s the video proof that the real Michael Rooker is now on Twitter. Follow him: @Michael_Rooker. He’s excited to tweet trash with @James_Gunn and pretend that @jokeandbiagio are actually in charge of his new project, ROOKER.

Michael Rooker does a Karate Kick for Twitter user @tenindenmark

From: jokeandbiagio | November 05, 2009 Many have showed love for Rooker’s karate injury. Here, he proves they have nothing to worry about (almost!)

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