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Guardians of the Galaxy on DVD and Blu-Ray

Guardians of the Galaxy will be released on Blu-Ray and DVD December 9, 2014!

Michael Rooker Rejoins Jazz Biopic ‘Bolden’

Rooker will resume the role of Pat McMurphy, sidekick to Bolden’s nemesis Judge Perry, when production kicks off in North Carolina.

Brother’s Keeper – In Theaters September 20, 2013

How far would you go to forgive?

DVD Movie Review – Whisper


“Whisper” is a horror/thriller starring Josh Holloway, and also features The Walking Dead co-stars Sarah Wayne Callies and Michael Rooker. Not your average slasher flick, it builds upon a suspenseful thriller storyline with a few unexpected twists and turns.

Rogue River Trailer


So, would you ever have thought Michael Rooker and Bill Moseley would team up for a movie? Think no more because they have and it’s a new horror/thriller called Rogue River.

Hypothermia Trailer


Trailer for Michael Rooker’s upcoming film Hypothermia.

Pennhurst Trailer


Trailer for Michael Rooker’s upcoming film, Pennhurst

AMC: The Walking Dead’s Michael Rooker Reflects on His Own Horror-Movie History

Actor Michael Rooker knows scary and not just because he was Merle in The Walking Dead‘s Season 1. He also played a serial killer in Henry, morphed into a mutant monster in Slither (on AMC this Thursday), and worked with horror masters Stephen King and George A. Romero on The Dark Half. Given his association […]

Rock ‘n Roll Ghost: Interview with Michael Rooker – Super

Upon entering Michael Rooker’s room at The James Hotel, in lovely downtown Chicago, I was pleasantly surprised with just how warm and friendly the Chicago native and busy actor was.  Having given standout performances in films like Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Mississippi Burning, Tombstone, Days of Thunder, Mallrats, and Slither, to name a […]

What Spooks the Masters of Horror?


ONE of the great things about childhood is how easy it is to access the distinct delight of being scared out of your mind. Adults just have more trouble getting goosebumps. That’s because experience is the enemy of true terror. You may shriek the first time you see “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” but the […]

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