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Gavin Meets Rooker at Wizard World Vegas

March 2016 Las Vegas, NV

Complete Nerd Authority: Pensacon 2016 Interview

Complete Nerd Authority had the opportunity to interview Michael Rooker at Pensacon 2016…

Vlog: February 10, 2016

Full dark… throwing viking axes blind.

Video: A simple demonstration of the power of Ki

  One more time…

Exclusive: The Driving Dead – The Interview

In this exclusive interview filmed on location in Southern Illinois, Michael talks about one of several causes close to his heart.

Marvel LIVE! Michael Rooker: Team Yondu

Rooker on Marvel LIVE! at New York Comic Con 2015

Dallas Comic Con Fan Days – Q&A Panel

Uncensored and tons of fun, Michael Rooker knows how to have a good time and play to a crowd! Dallas Comic Con Fan Days October 2015 showcases Rooker at his finest!

Video: Loose Jets – Sacred City starring Michael Rooker

This Man’s Life on Vimeo

Watch This Man’s Life from Smithy Sipes on Vimeo: “This is a piece from a film we did with Michael Rooker and Bill Cobbs. They were both wonderful actors to work with and we had a fabulous time filming. The interesting thing about this film is that we had a train owner lend us his train […]

Coming Soon: The Driving Dead

Video series for an upcoming traffic safety campaign by the Illinois Department of Transportation.