The Comic Book Show Episode 37: Michael Rooker

Watch the full episode of TCBS Ep37  featuring Michael Rooker right here!

From Twin Galaxies Live:

This week Jennifer, Matt, Jonathan, Lucas and Jackie have so much going on, this episode is barely able to contain it. First the folks from Cokreeate, the “Scan you in real life then make a 3D model of you” people are live in-studio showing off how exactly they create the 3D scans to make the realistic miniatures. To help show this, we brought in super fitness model and cosplayer Alicia Marie to be the subject of an in-studio demo….and if that was not enough, MICHAEL ROOKER (Guardians of the Galaxy, The Walking Dead) also gets a scan done LIVE on camera, then joins the CBS cast to give his thoughts on all the news in the world of pop culture and comics. THIS IS A MUST WATCH! So watch now!